Why Is Nigeria A ShitHole?

Recently, African countries were addressed as shitholes nations, by the President of United States of America, Donald Trump. The aftermath of the statements gathered so many dusks yet to settle from different quarters, among native Africa descent, home and abroad. Besides, the Africa leaders across the continent spat fire. However, they demanded that such statement... Continue Reading →

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Questions Nigerians Keep Asking?

A state primarily exists to serve its citizen but when such a nation state fails in this regards it becomes a burden to its citizenry. The failure of such a state begins when the interests of its inhabitants are not the same as what is stated in the constitutions. Hence, when such happens, the composition... Continue Reading →

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Why Job Hunting Is So Competitive, Nowadays?

Job interviews nowadays have become a tug of wars for many young school leavers and even experienced graduates are not left out. The young school-leavers who attend an interview with hopes of landing a dream job are often disappointed, because of intricacies surrounding impressing interviewer and eventually, becoming part of the system. After the frantic... Continue Reading →

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Buhari, 2019 and the Talking Drum

One of the most astounding works of Art from Africa is the Yoruba talking drum. It is an hourglass-shaped wood with an inner cavity, covered on both ends by goat skin, and beaten by a curved stick … Source: Buhari, 2019 and the Talking Drum

On The Greatness of Nigeria

Below are excerpts from a post on the social media pushing a counter proposition that Nigeria is a ‘great’ country. It is unique in the respect that it seeks to controvert the premise on which the … Source: On The Greatness of Nigeria

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