Why Data Structure Is Not Enough

A couple of months ago while disengaging from my former place of employment, my boss called me for a piece of advice having learned that I would be leaving the Information Technology industry to Banking.

Two Best Optimization Strategies For Web Applications

When a web site is developed and finally deployed to production, few issues rarely occur. However, soon afterward the web app begins to deteriorate and spike progressively as it’s been used. Due to wear and tear (which is not only common to hardware, but also to software as well), the once efficient web app shows unbearable bugs.

How the Future Is Going To Shape The Way Lawyers Deal With Digital Evidence?

We have stepped into the second decade of the twenty-first century and technology has led to exciting, yet disruptive, changes in the way the world functions—socially, politically and legally. The impacts of technology have been felt in all the legal profession, from legal education to government to the practice of law.  Lawyers must engage with technically sophisticated clients whose expectations have... Continue Reading →

How To Avoid Nigeria’ Software Firms’ Downfall Of Yesterdays?

Nigeria has been blessed with so many talented entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. Interestingly, such people have translated the ideas into building software firms this nation has ever seen. Sadly, at the heights of their successes, they soon fall like a pack of cards within a spate of few years. Big players in this league include... Continue Reading →

How Empowered Systems Thinking Can Be For Your Business?

I’m in just my 4-month second-degree pursuit in one of Nigeria’s leading universities – the University of Lagos, Akoka studying Management In Information Technology, MIT. I have started reaping the benefits of taking the giant leap in my career. Among others courses, Software Systems is what I find tremendously interesting. Why? Perhaps because of technical... Continue Reading →

How Technology Is Fast Revolutionizing Nigeria’s Tertiary Institutions?

Next year makes a decade that I left school as an undergraduate for the labour force. So, because of my exit from the four-wall of a classroom for so long, this has not afforded me the opportunity to know happenings in the nation’s educational sector. Not until recently that I give it a shot by... Continue Reading →

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