Building The Africa Walls

The United States Of America, USA, is undoubtedly regarded as the most powerful nation on earth. In fact, she is one of the most powerful empires known in recent times in the world history, to be so. Then, one wonders what are the reasons for her attainment of this luminary status? Many would argue endlessly... Continue Reading →

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Life And Time Of Mama Margaret Ajao nee Ojerinde

An interview conducted for mama Margaret Ajao, a septuagenarian few years ago.  What was your dream while growing up? My dream was to be a successful trader. Who was your mentor? Samson Akande Adejumobi. Were you educated, and if not why? No, I didn't. The reason was that my dad never saw the reason to... Continue Reading →

Mama Africa

Oh Africa! Cradle of civilization A unique world where Cocks crow in the wake of the morning, heralding the beginning of a new dawn And at dusk, Caterpillars toot to chorus men to rest Oh Africa! Non-champion of her prodigious children But slayer of her Messiahs: Kwame Nkrumah, Patrick Lumumba, Thomas Sankara… Oh Africa! Abhorrer... Continue Reading →

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What Is Christmas Season Like, In Nigeria?

Christmas is here like every other one. The weather is cool and the brisk air is shimmering all over one's hair, as everyone welcomes a new season of joy and happiness. During the day, everywhere is dusky and dry, with scorching sun reaching 30 degree Celsius. Interior and Exteriors surroundings are left tattered with dusk.... Continue Reading →

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Slavery By Another Name

This year marks 152 years and a few months that slavery was abolished in the United States of America. Having passed by Congress and ratified on December 6, 1865, precisely, the black race was released from age-long shackles of bondage and retrogression. Thanks to kind gesture and grit courage of the former President of United... Continue Reading →

Travails Of A Man

A man from cradle to adulthood and finally to old age is confronted with varying degrees of trials. Trials such as what to eat, to wear (if he is from indigent home), and successful in life generally are few of problems bedeviling an average man. Much success or failure of a family is traceable to what... Continue Reading →

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Why I Write?

“A writer without a genuine rationale and aim is much like riding a motorcycle without a destination.”- Ajao Jacob Writers are motivated by many reasons why they ventured into the world of writing. Some claim they couldn't just hold back from scribbling something on traditional papers or electronic text pads, in order to make the... Continue Reading →

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Secrets Of The Ages

Olatu To every secured doors and vault, containing treasures, there are keys or combinations that unlock them. There are many mysteries in every endeavor. Careers such as wealth accumulations and finances, jaw breaking inventions, production of high-value items and commodities, mining and refining ores that have been kept for generations, by Mother Nature, manufacturing of... Continue Reading →

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