Why Is Nigeria A ShitHole?

Recently, African countries were addressed as shitholes nations, by the President of United States of America, Donald Trump. The aftermath of the statements gathered so many dusks yet to settle from different quarters, among native Africa descent, home and abroad. Besides, the Africa leaders across the continent spat fire. However, they demanded that such statement... Continue Reading →

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Building The Africa Walls

The United States Of America, USA, is undoubtedly regarded as the most powerful nation on earth. In fact, she is one of the most powerful empires known in recent times in the world history, to be so. Then, one wonders what are the reasons for her attainment of this luminary status? Many would argue endlessly... Continue Reading →

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Questions Nigerians Keep Asking?

A state primarily exists to serve its citizen but when such a nation state fails in this regards it becomes a burden to its citizenry. The failure of such a state begins when the interests of its inhabitants are not the same as what is stated in the constitutions. Hence, when such happens, the composition... Continue Reading →

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The Best Brains

A customer walks into a brain store to purchase a set of best brains available. The brain seller takes him round to show him the available stock of brains he had. He said, "I have four types of a brain from different nations." The salesman said, "These are set of brains from a nation that... Continue Reading →

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Pathway To Nigeria’s Greatness

The United States of America, USA, is a replica of the union of Northern and Southern states together to form Nigeria, in 1914. We shared common similarities a lot. Much as the USA is made up of 500 tribes, Nigeria is composed of 371 tribes, speaking diverse languages, as well. The New World fought a... Continue Reading →

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Why Igboho Is Destined For Greatness?

Igboho is a fifth largest town in Oyo State, Nigeria. It is the headquarters of the Orelope Local Government Area. The ancient town was founded in the 16th century. However, it is among the stronghold of towns with strong natural defenses and artificially built triple walls. Also, it’s sprawled by hills, mountains, and rivers all... Continue Reading →

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Functions Of Religion: A Reappraisal

The abolition of religion as an illusory happiness of the people is the demand for the real happiness of the people.-Karl Marx Religion is a powerful subject that has changed the world since the creation of man and its practice. Its practice is one of the yardsticks that separate man from other animals. Through religion,... Continue Reading →

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