Art Of Thinking For Your Country, Everyone Can

The journey to thinking for one's country is a less worn path that only few among us us give keen consideration and tread, because of everyday worries of feathering one's nest ahead of other concerns. Sadly, an average citizen of a nation is fond of whining and grumbling about the sorry state of his country,... Continue Reading →

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Pathway To Nigeria’s Greatness

The United States of America, USA, is a replica of the union of Northern and Southern states together to form Nigeria, in 1914. We shared common similarities a lot. Much as the USA is made up of 500 tribes, Nigeria is composed of 371 tribes, speaking diverse languages, as well. The New World fought a... Continue Reading →

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Why Igboho Is Destined For Greatness?

Igboho is a fifth largest town in Oyo State, Nigeria. It is the headquarters of the Orelope Local Government Area. The ancient town was founded in the 16th century. However, it is among the stronghold of towns with strong natural defenses and artificially built triple walls. Also, it’s sprawled by hills, mountains, and rivers all... Continue Reading →

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Functions Of Religion: A Reappraisal

The abolition of religion as an illusory happiness of the people is the demand for the real happiness of the people.-Karl Marx Religion is a powerful subject that has changed the world since the creation of man and its practice. Its practice is one of the yardsticks that separate man from other animals. Through religion,... Continue Reading →

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Why Okeogun Should Produce The Next Oyo State Governor, Come 2019?

Recently, both the print media and online media have been bombarded by many reasons Okeogun indigene should occupy Agodi white house, come 2019. The social networks, too, have been the major medium to agitate the cause, so far. While such agitators, both home and abroad, have been doing so frantically to create the needed awareness,... Continue Reading →

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How Lagos Grassroots’ Election Goes Down?

As early as 7:00am on Saturday, July 22, 2017 electorates were coming in their numbers and gathering in groups at the polling unit. Aside known reason of electing honourable men and women into highly coveted position, election-time is a period re-union for many. However, while those who were one -time friends but have seen each... Continue Reading →

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Proudly “Ara-Oke” Up-Country-Man!

Two decades ago, away from home, to the city was the first time, I ever heard the demeaning word “Ara-Oke’. However, the very incident marked my ever travelling to the big city, Lagos. So, I never took it in, as such, because I was not bothered. During one of my pranks the other time with... Continue Reading →

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Battle For The Survival Of LAUTECH

To start with, how can Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Ogbomoso, Oyo State degenerate to the state of these protracted strikes, with no end in sight? How can the students be left in perpetual wandering, with uncertain future? In addition, how can the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), LAUTECH chapter be so stubborn... Continue Reading →

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