What Is The Race Between Divinity And Humanity?

Do you know that there is a shadow war in the world, between divinity and humanity? So, who are the agents? Then, what is the war about? The shadow war is about who controls the universe. And the agents at wars with themselves are you and every other 7.3 persons on earth today. In fact,... Continue Reading →

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How To Be Different?

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”-Joseph Campbell I was just a 10-year old boy when I noticed that some people were treated courteously than others, in the neighbourhood that I lived. The Rich people of reasonable means were accorded with respect and dignity. On the other hands, the poor people... Continue Reading →

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Why Everyone Should Be A Fan OF Beautiful Nubia?

Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band is a household name in the Nigeria Entertainment. The band group was established in 1997, however, ever since then they have been churning out blockbusters albums some of which include Jangbalajugbu, KILOKILO, Fere, Awilele, IRINAJO among others. The founder of the band is Dr. Segun Akinlolu, a veterinarian by... Continue Reading →

Travails Of A Man

A man from cradle to adulthood and finally to old age is confronted with varying degrees of trials. Trials such as what to eat, to wear (if he is from indigent home), and successful in life generally are few of problems bedeviling an average man. Much success or failure of a family is traceable to what... Continue Reading →

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Why I Write?

“A writer without a genuine rationale and aim is much like riding a motorcycle without a destination.”- Ajao Jacob Writers are motivated by many reasons why they ventured into the world of writing. Some claim they couldn't just hold back from scribbling something on traditional papers or electronic text pads, in order to make the... Continue Reading →

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Childhood Memory: The Dreams In Me

Formative years are known for the youthful exuberance and exhilarating moments. Undoubtedly, it’s a period children all over the world begin to seek identities. Besides, nothing could be further from the truth to say, it is a time silly questions are asked and opinions are formulated until adulthood. While many lofty aspirations of a child,... Continue Reading →

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