A Young African Manifestos

What they make of me Because my land had been colonized and undergoing recolonization daily, no place is safe. Because I have been looted and exploited centuries past, I see a continent of beggars and pity by outsiders. Because my ancestors’s religion and language have been replaced by foreigners own, I have lost my true compass.... Continue Reading →

What Nobody Told Me As A Blogger?

Today makes 4-year and 6 months that I have been writing uninterruptedly, on the internet. Since I have been making posts at least once in two weeks. Of course, all these years it has been episodes of joy mixed, with occasional painful angst. Early on, I embarked on this journey with confidence and candour in... Continue Reading →

How To Follow A Cause Greater Than You?

Finding a cause or what other rabbi called purpose is simple, but overrated as some regarded it as beyond the world’s experience. It's not as difficult as it seems on the surface. In Lowliest Places Interestingly, a worthwhile cause is often found in the lowliest places least expected such as teaching pupils in elementary schools,... Continue Reading →

Why Everyone Should Be A Fan OF Beautiful Nubia?

Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band is a household name in the Nigeria Entertainment. The band group was established in 1997, however, ever since then they have been churning out blockbusters albums some of which include Jangbalajugbu, KILOKILO, Fere, Awilele, IRINAJO among others. The founder of the band is Dr. Segun Akinlolu, a veterinarian by... Continue Reading →

How 6 Former Colleagues Exceedingly Adorned My Life?

When path crosses, live changes say the elders. Truly the quote speaks it all. There are few occasions in our lives that we come across ordinary men who distinguished themselves and add overarching values into our lives. Strange enough, at such times, we rarely acknowledge and value such opportunities that good Lord bestows upon us.... Continue Reading →

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