How To Follow A Cause Greater Than You?

Finding a cause or what other rabbi called purpose is simple, but overrated as some regarded it as beyond the world’s experience. It's not as difficult as it seems on the surface. In Lowliest Places Interestingly, a worthwhile cause is often found in the lowliest places least expected such as teaching pupils in elementary schools,... Continue Reading →


Efunsetan Aniwura: Tragedy Of An African Heroine

Efunsetan Aniwura's name is a popular name in the Yoruba nation. Though her name has been stigmatized among many as evil by the contemporary by storytellers, however, she remained one of the most powerful Yoruba personalities in recent time. She was born around 1790’s in a little town in Egbaland. Her father was Ogunrin, who... Continue Reading →

How To Conquer Nigeria’s Biggest Problem?

Former chairman of Nigeria’s Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in the last election, Prof. Attahiru Jega, has said that Nigeria’s biggest problem to its democracy is the corrupt politicians. He said this in one of the National dailies, Vanguard newspaper, a few days ago. This timely statement came at no better time than now. Interestingly, Nigeria has... Continue Reading →

How To Be Different?

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”-Joseph Campbell I was just a 10-year old boy when I noticed that some people were treated courteously than others, in the neighbourhood that I lived. The Rich people of reasonable means were accorded with respect and dignity. On the other hands, the poor people... Continue Reading →

The Best Brains

A customer walks into a brain store to purchase a set of best brains available. The brain seller takes him round to show him the available stock of brains he had. He said, "I have four types of a brain from different nations." The salesman said, "These are set of brains from a nation that... Continue Reading →

Differences Between Godly Wisdom And Worldly Wisdom

Wisdom!!! To start with, what is wisdom? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, “Wisdom is the natural ability to understand things that most other people cannot understand.” Wisdom is undeniably a distinguishing factor that separates greatness from mediocrity according to researchers and therefore cannot be overemphasized. Unfortunately, it’s been befuddled, to say the least, as both religious... Continue Reading →

Why I Write?

“A writer without a genuine rationale and aim is much like riding a motorcycle without a destination.”- Ajao Jacob Writers are motivated by many reasons why they ventured into the world of writing. Some claim they couldn't just hold back from scribbling something on traditional papers or electronic text pads, in order to make the... Continue Reading →

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