Divinity Rights

Divinity rights are weird languages to the civilized society. In fact, it’s non-existing in contemporary dictionary, as it were. At best, Divinity rights could only be found in a religious setting like Christianity or other Eastern religions. However, unlike Human rights that is a common place words, both in the print media and social media.... Continue Reading →


What Is Christmas Season Like, In Nigeria?

Christmas is here like every other one. The weather is cool and the brisk air is shimmering all over one's hair, as everyone welcomes a new season of joy and happiness. During the day, everywhere is dusky and dry, with scorching sun reaching 30 degree Celsius. Interior and Exteriors surroundings are left tattered with dusk.... Continue Reading →

Differences Between Godly Wisdom And Worldly Wisdom

Wisdom!!! To start with, what is wisdom? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, “Wisdom is the natural ability to understand things that most other people cannot understand.” Wisdom is undeniably a distinguishing factor that separates greatness from mediocrity according to researchers and therefore cannot be overemphasized. Unfortunately, it’s been befuddled, to say the least, as both religious... Continue Reading →

Secrets Of The Ages

Olatu To every secured doors and vault, containing treasures, there are keys or combinations that unlock them. There are many mysteries in every endeavor. Careers such as wealth accumulations and finances, jaw breaking inventions, production of high-value items and commodities, mining and refining ores that have been kept for generations, by Mother Nature, manufacturing of... Continue Reading →

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