Art Of Thinking For Your Country, Everyone Can

The journey to thinking for one's country is a less worn path that only few among us us give keen consideration and tread, because of everyday worries of feathering one's nest ahead of other concerns. Sadly, an average citizen of a nation is fond of whining and grumbling about the sorry state of his country,... Continue Reading →

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If I Were Minister Of Health

In recent times, there have been alarming incidents of suicides repeatedly taken place in the Lagos lagoon and Nigeria at large. A tragedy took place when a middle-aged banker allegedly shot himself, in the head, over a trivial issue, at work. An elderly woman was a part of the statistics, who threw in the trowel... Continue Reading →

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Pathway To Nigeria’s Greatness

The United States of America, USA, is a replica of the union of Northern and Southern states together to form Nigeria, in 1914. We shared common similarities a lot. Much as the USA is made up of 500 tribes, Nigeria is composed of 371 tribes, speaking diverse languages, as well. The New World fought a... Continue Reading →

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Why Everyone Should Be A Fan OF Beautiful Nubia?

Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band is a household name in the Nigeria Entertainment. The band group was established in 1997, however, ever since then they have been churning out blockbusters albums some of which include Jangbalajugbu, KILOKILO, Fere, Awilele, IRINAJO among others. The founder of the band is Dr. Segun Akinlolu, a veterinarian by... Continue Reading →

Buhari, 2019 and the Talking Drum

One of the most astounding works of Art from Africa is the Yoruba talking drum. It is an hourglass-shaped wood with an inner cavity, covered on both ends by goat skin, and beaten by a curved stick … Source: Buhari, 2019 and the Talking Drum

On The Greatness of Nigeria

Below are excerpts from a post on the social media pushing a counter proposition that Nigeria is a ‘great’ country. It is unique in the respect that it seeks to controvert the premise on which the … Source: On The Greatness of Nigeria

Slavery By Another Name

This year marks 152 years and a few months that slavery was abolished in the United States of America. Having passed by Congress and ratified on December 6, 1865, precisely, the black race was released from age-long shackles of bondage and retrogression. Thanks to kind gesture and grit courage of the former President of United... Continue Reading →

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