She Realized (By LizzTheWriter)

From my colleague that I so much respect.

The Writers' Network

And just like the previous 4,
She saw ‘the one’ in him, she found him remarkably perfect
“He would never hurt me” She constantly told herself
She gave in, head in, heart in, total devotion
And for the longest time, she believed herself in him, something she’s never experienced
It felt good, it felt great
She was head over heels in love with this one
“This one is here to stay” she reassured herself

Alas, he was no different
He ripped her heart into a million pieces, a few thousands more than the last 4 had dismantled it into
She was heartbroken, truly truly heartbroken

Whatever happened?
What happened to him being the one? Or was she to blame?
Perhaps the fault was in her
Perhaps she wore her heart too often on her sleeves

She was back to basis

Back to picking up pieces of her shattered heart.

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