Invaluable Lessons I learnt From Nigeria’s Post-Graduate Degree

Today marks a week that I finished my final papers from the prestigious University of Lagos, Nigeria. It’s been two years herculean part-time program to bag Masters in Technology, MIT.

I consider it necessary to share my experience so far, for my ardent followers.

The journey was a mixed bag for me. When I embarked on the journey, a few colleagues discouraged me. In fact, now they still do.

I never backed down.

Their reasons are partly understandable though. Their argument mainly was that degrees in Nigeria schools are not worth pursuing, because they do not measure up to what is obtainable with overseas’ certificates.

Though this belief is shared by some schools of thought, this is not always true.

After all, here I’m better off than where I was two years ago.

The journey so far was full of ups and downs. But I can boldly say that it is worth pursuing!

We did a couple of courses, namely Operating systems, IT and Laws, Software Engineering I and II, Internet Programming and Applications, Object-Oriented Programming, Analysis & Design of Business Information, Computer Networks & Communications Protocols, Artificial Intelligence, E-business And its Applications among others.

Among all these courses, the relevant subjects that stuck and touched me most are Artificial Intelligence and E-business applications.

Artificial Intelligence is the use of the computer to perform functions that otherwise could have required human intelligence to do.

This course really blew my mind over. In fact, it sets me on the path to re-align my passion along this line, in years to come. Artificial Intelligence is a budding concept or idea that has the potential to change the way we know and see the world.

For any serious youth that cares about transforming the world through technology, I tell you this is the coolest stuff worth pursuing. In another way, it is also called disruptive technology capable of bringing solutions to healthcare, finance, media, e-commerce, and modern warfare issues among other fields in the 21st century and beyond.

E-business is another course that sparks me off. E-business is the use of information and communications technology, in a company, to develop efficient product thereby adding values for organizations, partners, and clients respectively.

In other words, E-business has to do with the automation of business processes in a formal organization. It includes not only brick and mortar organizations i.e. the traditional marketplaces but also clicks and mortal, the online marketplaces.

E-business is the wisdom of the age to reduce administrative cost, win new customers and retain existing customers, operating 24/7/365, reduce inventory cost, respond rapidly to competitions and changing marketing demands among others.

“Are you proud of this feat?” You might ask.

Of course, I do! More than that. Words cannot tell how much value I got from adding a feather to my cap.

Through this additional degree, I further rediscovered and rekindled my childhood dream of changing the world for the better.

Please ignore the naysayer who tells you otherwise.

Enroll sharp! Sharp!! Africa is rising.

Shout out to my family and friends that supported me throughout the program. I love you all.

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