Birth Of Xenophobia In Nigeria

There is watershed of xenophobia rising in Apapa, Lagos. Apapa area of Lagos is a highbrow area in the megacity because it contains ports and terminals for various commodities such as containers and bulk cargo, houses, offices and a small old disused railway station. Aside from being an entrepot into the nation's commercial nerve center from overseas, it is a home... Continue Reading →

President Buhari Muhammadu Declarations For Election: Youths, Now What?

The anticipation of doubts regarding President Buhari seeking re-election, come 2019, for months have finally come to an end after the president publicly declared for president, a few days ago. Though Nigeria past leaders including former President Olusegun Obasanjo, General Ibrahim Babaginda, among others have encouraged the presidency to shelve the idea sighting the hardships... Continue Reading →

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