Questions Nigerians Keep Asking?

A state primarily exists to serve its citizen but when such a nation state fails in this regards it becomes a burden to its citizenry. The failure of such a state begins when the interests of its inhabitants are not the same as what is stated in the constitutions. Hence, when such happens, the composition... Continue Reading →

Woman As An Ascendant Role Model

"Iya ni wura, baba ni digi. Ojo ti iya baku ni wura eni womi. Ojo ti baba baku ni digi eni baje." – African proverb. The African proverb interpretation above is that woman is gold and father is a mirror. However, it continues that such a precious gold is lost when she dies and the... Continue Reading →

Why Job Hunting Is So Competitive, Nowadays?

Job interviews nowadays have become a tug of wars for many young school leavers and even experienced graduates are not left out. The young school-leavers who attend an interview with hopes of landing a dream job are often disappointed, because of intricacies surrounding impressing interviewer and eventually, becoming part of the system. After the frantic... Continue Reading →

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