Real Human-Potential-Activator

Millennium is an age like never before in the history of mankind. It is an age where anything worth pursuing is possible by those who know or have the skill sets. And the age is popularly referred to as the age of Information. According to Wikipedia, the Information Age is a period in human history... Continue Reading →

Pathway To Nigeria’s Greatness

The United States of America, USA, is a replica of the union of Northern and Southern states together to form Nigeria, in 1914. We shared common similarities a lot. Much as the USA is made up of 500 tribes, Nigeria is composed of 371 tribes, speaking diverse languages, as well. The New World fought a... Continue Reading →

Excesses Of The Nigeria Pentecostal Churches And Their G.O.s

With a great burden, I'm penning this piece over the misdeeds of Nigeria's General Overseers, G.O., who have turned the gospel messages into vested interest and attention seeking, rather than preparing men for eternity. They have so much arrogated too much power to themselves as if the world revolves around them. It's a pity that... Continue Reading →

Why Everyone Should Be A Fan OF Beautiful Nubia?

Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band is a household name in the Nigeria Entertainment. The band group was established in 1997, however, ever since then they have been churning out blockbusters albums some of which include Jangbalajugbu, KILOKILO, Fere, Awilele, IRINAJO among others. The founder of the band is Dr. Segun Akinlolu, a veterinarian by... Continue Reading →

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