Amazing Stories Of My Church, Family Life Bible Church, Abijon Ibeju Lekki, Lagos

Family Life Bible Church is an emerging place of worship, founded in 1st of January, 2012. Likewise, she is located at Km 42, CAC Bus Stop along the Lekki-Epe expressway. In spite of the fact that she is sprawled by Churches on every side, yet she isn’t undeterred to be one of the fastest, dynamic, and growing Church in the vicinity, despite all odds.

Furthermore, she is nicknamed as Transformation Christian Center, Over-comer Sanctuary, because of the breath-taking and congregants’ impactful lifestyles, modeled around the early apostles, in the early Church. This is not far to seek. Because the motto of the Church is ‘We exist to win souls, transform lives, and incorporate them into the family of God, in the Church’. So, every member has been running with the vision, ever since its establishment, nearly five years ago.

The founder and shepherd of the Church is Pastor Adebayo Oluborode. A cool, calm, and collected man of God, fondly called ‘Daddy’ by everyone. He’s a stern disciplinarian and rare teacher of the word. Interestingly, he stops at nothing to make the word of God so real to everyone under his ministries. He had over 20 years experiences in various Baptist Churches namely Aguda Baptist Church, Aguda and Epe Baptist Church, Epe, before God called him into this new office of a General Overseer, G.O.

On the other hands, in my over couple of decades on earth, I’m yet to see a man very close to me as loaded, with the in-depth word of God, as him. Why? Because he preaches sermons without scripts for hours without guides, whatsoever, all from his head. Isn’t that awesome, every week? Besides, he quotes and dictates scriptural texts offhand as though he personally wrote the entire Holy Bible, solely. In fact, believing is seeing not the other way round.

Church Image

Moreover, our achievement as a Church speaks for her selves. Initially, when I became a member 4 years ago, Family Life Bible Church was merely 7 in number. No sooner than the spate of couple of years she has grown tremendously, and still growing. She could now boast of nearly hundredth congregants at a single service, comprises majorly of  new converts to Christ.

The timely completion of the Church auditorium within a spate of few months is another jaw-dropping monumental success. Unlike some Churches that laud it over its members to contribute unavailable money to the project, my Church prayerful and miraculously made the feat possible, without tasking anyone. However, leaving everyone in the surroundings to see and say God must be at work in our midst.

Her key secrets are one-on-one leadership mentoring, one of a kind music department, dynamic Sunday School department with seasoned teachers, Serve the Master and Master Life Series for growing her ever thirsty attendants. A recently launched Women Empowerment Foundation is worthy of note. Here, disadvantage women are being given seed funds for start-ups. In fact, projects abundance that are too numerous to count that have contributed to the unprecedented Success Story of the Church, so far.

Truly, no organization can embark on this feat without a team working tirelessly to make it a home run – success. Dr (Dn.) Abayomi Ajayi is the head of the Sunday School department. He is an accomplished Medical Doctor cum entrepreneur per excellence. In addition, he is the proud founder of Nordica Facility Center that provides quick and one time hope to the couples who are medically challenged to raise children, naturally, by state of the art medical science, at a cheaper cost. However, he brings his wealth of experiences to bear in the growth of the Church, in no small way.

Also, bro. Michael Ukaegbu is a melodious and all-round music director, who brings the presence of God down during each meeting. Besides, he’s a multi-talented drummer that could do the impossible, however, known all over the place. Coupled with this is the chief keyboardist, bro. Wisdom Matthew, a world class instrumentalist, who I’m always respected and admired to get the job done.


Besides, Pastor (Mrs) Folakemi Oluborode is the Children and Teenagers’ Pastor who loves everyone without prejudice. She’s is an accomplished educationist with over 20 years of experiences in her clout. Mrs Ranti Ajayi is the co-founder at Nordica Facility Center. She is a phlegmatic and easy going woman. I’m fond of calling her ‘Mum’ for who she is. She heads the women wing. Bro. Sam Ajao is the Secretary and Youth President. A dynamic and resourceful I.T. guy, who majors in payment solutions. Mr Omakor is the head of the Men unit. He’s the authentic Niger Delta man, who is reserved and mind is work, without complaining from start to finish. The Head Usher is Jeremiah Iruemi. A Business Administrator by profession and farmer by vocation.

In conclusion, they say seeing is believing. Perhaps you want to confirm and be transformed inside out, why don’t you be a part of one of our services this week? Or better still, do you reside in our axis and looking for a Word-rounded Church? Please, do check us out to be blessed. Finally, come and be part of the moving train before it leaves the station. We can’t wait for you to visit us this week! Shalom.





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