How Crisis Unites Family?

“No family is perfect, and that’s true. None of us are.”- Tammy Bruce.

Family differs from each other. Some hurt each other, while some stay by each other, through thick, and thin no matter what. Family will always be family. While family is behind successes of thousands today, on the other hands, it has marred a number of others.

Be grateful for the benefits, if you have one, either good or bad.

Literally, a perfect family is a family who has everything working for them.
Truth is millions never celebrate the benefits of having one, at the moment. However, for those writhing in pain for not having a perfect family, think twice.

In other words, a non-perfect family could mean family that has inadequate wealth, health or love, as the case may be. Be it as it may, anyone who works himself up for not having a perfect family only sets himself up for a perpetual disappointment, eventually.

For years, I found myself in this predicament. When I see happy families without trouble, I couldn’t help wishing for such calmness.

These few stories would shed more light into the reasons we ought to be grateful for whichever family you have:

Chuks was a friend in high school, who had everything going for him, as the head-boy. Immediately after admission into College, he missed with wrong friends. He took to drugs and smoking India-Hemp. Eventually, he was asked to withdraw from college, because of his poor academic performance.

However, the incident put the parents into a difficult situation, because they’re spiritual leaders in the congregation they attend.

The development united the family rather than tearing it apart. Their slogan is “What doesn’t kill makes one stronger.”

Our neigbour’s daughter, Nike, is an easy going. She is admired by everybody in the neighbourhood, because of her intelligence. In fact, I was part of the well-wishers who attended her convocation, from the medical school, a year ago.

Unfortunately, while coming from the compulsory a-year National Youth Service in Lokoja, she was involved in ghastly motor-accident. In the process, she lost her two feet. Moreover, the panic resulted in depression for her, as she was permanently placed on medications, to return to path of sanity.

Furthermore, the family confided in me that they were never, prior to the incident, united as they are now, currently.

Although, they have spent heavily on her treatment, however, their faiths have been rekindled. The man continued, “We are much wiser that the essence of life is giving back to the society, more than it does to you.”

Consequently, they founded a foundation that takes care of such victims.

In conclusion, an unknown person said, “No family is perfect… we argue, we fight. We even stop talking to each other at times. But in the end, family is family…The love will always be there.”


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