Why Okeogun Should Produce The Next Oyo State Governor, Come 2019?

Recently, both the print media and online media have been bombarded by many reasons Okeogun indigene should occupy Agodi white house, come 2019. The social networks, too, have been the major medium to agitate the cause, so far. While such agitators, both home and abroad, have been doing so frantically to create the needed awareness, however, the justification have been awkwardly stated.

One of many advocated rationales is that ever since the creation of the Oyo State, in 1976, the occupiers of the state house have been revolving around the Ibadan and Ogbomoso indigenes (aside Bola Ige and sole administrators). In addition, another school of thoughts argued that because Okeogun have 10 local governments while Ibadan have11 local governments, with other towns sharing remaining 12 local governments among themselves, therefore, should be given equal privilege, as Ibadan, to produce its first Governor. Lastly, the Omowa-ni-eje-ose syndrome is on the rave.

The foregoing warped premise, by some uninformed advocates of neo-modern rule of play, in the world of politics, informed the reason of penning down this piece, to correct the abnormalities.

The truth is gone are the days when zoning arrangement works! Nature does not harbor vacuum, as it is. Anything worth having at all is worth pursuing, with reasonable facts. No one is offered position of power on a platter of gold. The world acclaimed poet and playwright, William Shakespeare, said, “Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” At this juncture, Okeogun is ready to achieve greatness rather have it thrust upon them by mere luck.

Okeogun has come of age to lay claim to the number one citizen of Oyo State seat, without going cap in hand to some big wits to achieve this feat. The reason is not far to seek because we have the experience and intellectual capability to dictate what becomes of our dear state. This state is a collective enterprise.

Our slogan is that those who earlier occupied the position have been responsible for our woes, as a state, because of mismanagement and neglect of our zone for years. The fact that we have eminent personalities both at the federal level and state level attest to this fact. Besides, private sectors’ captain of industries is the attribute that we have at our disposal.

The chief of what we have to offer Oyo State people, above any other candidates, is our vast untapped potentials that succeeding governments have relegated to the background.

Furthermore, Okeogun, all over, is regarded as food basket of Oyo State. This is a plus for us. Agricultural farming has been our mainstay for decades. From Iseyin Tobacco growing to Kishi-Igboho crop farming-Yam, Cassava, legumes, Corn Banana among others, hence, we’re indisputably referred to as self-sufficient.

The local Aso-oke factories scattered all across Iseyin is one of our prides that is waiting to be converted to foreign exchange earnings for the state, if a son of the soil is elected to parlour the affairs of the state, come 2019.

Traditionally, Saki iron industry is a monumental success that speaks volume of our potential. The iron pot Made-in-Saki trademark cut across the Nigeria. It must be celebrated and made to go internationally through having a true blood of the indigene to champion this cause, in the Agodi white house.

Tourism is another gold mine located in Okeogun. The old Oyo National Park, along Igboho-Igbeti area is a tourist center of attraction if well-developed. It can serve the whole state in terms of revenues and taxes accrual. Likewise, the ancient remains of the great Alaafins of old Oyo Empire in Igboho is another tourism business that is yet to be harnessed.

Moreover, Saki is one of the towns in the South that is close to the border. Hence, assuming governments could invest heavily in this commercial center, now, imagine a huge source of taxes and revenues through custom duties that have been wasting away for years. Unfortunately, we are in this sorry state all as a result of how myopic and shortsighted our governments were; so, we have been left to wallow in medieval and backwardness for ages.

In conclusion, time will not permit me to state the abundance limestone and precious stones scatter across length and breadth of Igbeti and mineral resources in Saki, the commercial center of Okeogun. Besides, there are natural/ artificial Dams and rivers that could power electricity to the whole of Oyo State without connecting to the national grid are our prideful assets.

Finally, I strongly believe the age-old state stands to gain a lot if voted for the most viable zone, come 2019.






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