The Mark Of A Good Leader

Failure is only a temporary detour and should never become a permanent address.-Dr. Myles Monroe

What separate ordinary leaders from good leaders? What are the components missing in both spiritual leadership and marketplace leadership of today’s 21’st century that must be shoved aside in order to be a 360* leader? This common denominator is not far-fetched.

The missing component reared its ugly head in my last pace of employment. However, I got into trouble one day when my immediate boss was on leave, as I made a mistake copying a wrong file for my superior.

Consequently, he flared up. On arrival of my immediate boss, he asked him to serve me my sack letter!

Besides, the poor leadership displays is not identical to secular world alone, as it is, because it happens likewise in the pace of worship as well.

Moreover, another incident was during my undergraduate days while in the local church choir. Often time I noticed that I was the only guy that was normally asked to straighten up each time we went for rehearsal, regardless of level of improvement I put up. Eventually, I quit!

I believe countess people around the world face the same plight I found myself in, so I decided to be a voice for them through my pen. Thus, find a solution so that instead of them reproducing such poor leaders that the warped system earlier produced; they would be among the few good ones.

It’s a standard all over the world to replace people immediately when they make mistake. There are many people who, when you make one mistake, they cancel you. They don’t want you around anymore, they don’t want to talk to you anymore, and they put you aside. To me that’s poor leadership.

They do not consider the behavior, but the potential within. According to Dr Myles Munroe, good leaders separate a person’s behavior from their self-worth and do not confuse their value with their present condition. We don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

Headache’s cure is not head-cutting-African proverb

In every organization or ministry there will be opportunities to fail, and some people do fail. Good leaders need to realize that everybody can fail and instead of making that person feel degraded and unusable, take that person, lift them up and say, “Look, you didn’t do it right, so let me show you how to do it,” Dr. Myles Monroe in his book titled, “Becoming A Leader.”


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