The Fascinating Story Of My Root, Igboho

The ancient town of Igboho, Oke-Ogun is located in Oyo State, Nigeria. She is fifth largest town in Oyo State, and unique because she is a town with three kings at the same time. Besides, she is one of the few towns in Nigeria with ancient wall, still visible. Also, I pride myself as one of the descendants of the prestigious town never captured by any war, ever since her foundation over 500 years ago. The historic town’s population is around 136, 772 people. Igboho boasts of having the longest dam in the whole of Oke-Ogun; hence, serving the dwellers for ages.



 “The root of a man is to him as his destiny is to him.”-Jakes Ajao

The paramount rulers who are providing leadership are: The Onigboho of Igboho, Oba John Bolarinwa Oyetola, Olubiyi 11, The Alepata of Igboho, Dr. Johnson Olayide Oyeyiola Igbaroola 111 and The Onibode of Igboho, Oba Rasheed Jayeola Adetoyese . However, the current caretaker chairman of the local government is Hon. Okunlade Samuel (a.k.a. Ododo), who has been moving stones to achieve the change mantra of All Progressive Congress, APC-led government. He has never left any stone unturned in restoring peace to the very fragile ancient town that has been ravaged by conflicts in the past.

The major areas in the intriguing town are Modeke, Oba-ago, Oke-Igboho and Bonni. However, while Modeke is the political seat and local government headquarter, on the other hand, Oba-ago is the elite enclave. Also, while Oke-Igboho is the intellectual center and the think thank, on the other hand, Bonni is the agricultural food basket of the entire local government.

Isn’t that cool!

Furthermore, economically the town is not a back bencher, as it is. The reason is because the town has been source of trade and commerce for all her environs, as traders come from both far and near to trade their businesses. Some of the goods and commodities traded majorly every five market days are fresh yams, maize, tomatoes, pepper, vegetable, palm oils, rice, and beans just to mention a few, straight from the farm. Owode market, as it’s been popularly called, has been place of purchase of goods and raw materials for urban dwellers that always troop-in, in their numbers to source for cheap and available fresh-from-farm items.


Consequently, the effect has been very profound and astounding, as young school leavers have been gainfully employed, and the town’s population has been increasing in leap and bound, over the years. Likewise, the occurrence of armed robbery attack is very rare, kidnappings and assassinations have no place. The peaceful coexistence among the indigenes and foreigners are often the talk of the town all over the place.

The unity and monumental exploits of cooperation among the inhabitants is laudable. Moreover, there is no division among all the religions, and if there is any at all, they always find a way to resolve it amicably. In fact, since the time immemorial they have been supporting one another to achieve tangible projects. Example was the building of the town’s General Mosque which was done by both the Muslims and the Christians alike, without prejudice. Recently, a breathtaking ultra-modern town hall was undertaken by the indigenes, home and abroad, which underscores our undivided cooperation.

In conclusion, these are the who is who in Igboho of today: Prof. Dibu Ojerinde, the former registrar of JAMB and philantropist, late Alhaji Abdul Jelil Amoloye, the former commissioner of Education in Oyo State, Chief Moses Alake Adeyemo, the deputy governor of Oyo State, Hon. Okunlade Samuel (a.k.a. Ododo), the Execute Chairman of Oorelope Local Government, Chief Gbade Alabi, the Chief Execute Officer of City Business Computers (CBC), Sunday Igboho (Sunday Adeyemo), a human rights activist who doesn’t like to see people get cheated and businessman, Hon Michael Okunlade, a member of Oyo State House Assembly, Amb. Oladeji, Amb. Layi Iyanda, Pastor Stephen Akinola, the General Overseer of Redemption Ministries, Port Harcourt, Alhaji Ismail O Tijaniy, the Chief Imam Of Igboho, Dr. Diran Joshua Ajao, the first Baptist Doctorate Pastor to name just few.





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