The Characteristics Of A Future Leader II

“If you won’t carry the ball, you can’t lead the team”-John C. Maxwell.

Welcome back.

I’m convinced you’ve read the The Characteristics Of A Future Leader I earlier rolled out couple of weeks ago, if you aren’t you can revisit the link.

The third components of a future leader is problem solving.

The fastest way to leadership is problem solving- John C Maxwell.

Undoubtedly, it is as old as the hill for generations that whoever solved a problem is automatically thrust to lead the pack.

During the medieval, a brave man that killed a behemoth was chosen to lead his village.

Little wonder Silicon Valley always jostles for promising polymath fresh from grad school with attractive package. However, knowing fully well that such chaps possess what it takes to execute out of the box project within limited time.

Moreover, to underscore this fact why would soccer leagues, especially in Europe, compete between one another to stealthily scout, woo and eventually sign a promising teenager into their clubs? Such big clubs also know that a caliber of football players you have in your team matters a lot if you’re to win championship and trophy.

Problem Solving skill cannot be overestimated in today’s world for every emerging leader to neglect.

The level that an aspiring leader can reach will be determined by the level of problems he solves -Jakes Ajao

Furthermore, though you might not be able to solve most problems in life, as it is, but the little your encounter must be solved creditably well, in order to catch the attention of your superior.

“A team’s level of effectiveness is a function of its leadership ability” as said by the icon, John C. Maxwell in his book titled, “THE 21 IRREFUTABLE LAWS OF LEADERSHIP.”

So, the big question is, how do I become resourceful?

Finding a solution to every problem is not an ivory tower, as it were, and as such is neither far-fetched!

It’s been said that everything you know you learn from someone else. In fact, achieving this feat is a long time process that is endless in itself.

It’s a function of reading wide and propping behind a mentor.

Peter Drucker, the management guru, said, “The beginning of wisdom is asking a few questions.” The act of being wise is by questioning everything, according to philosophers.

Summon up courage to question everything really pays a lot! Never feel shy or timid of being foolish is the way to go. Just ask!

To be a leader in the making, you must be a reader. Little wonders they say leaders are readers.

Bishop David Oyedepo said, “If you don’t read can’t be read.”

Lastly, they say, “a flock of a feather flocks together.”The bottom line is to keep friends with like-minded people who share your philosophy, so that you can gain insight. By so doing, you’re on the way up to becoming the most sought out leader, in a couple of years!

Remember there are enough problems around the world already, so can you can’t afford to give another one. The reason is that people will remember you for two things: the problem you create, and the problem you solve.

So, where do you want to belong?



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