Two Facts About Life That Would Change You Forever

I left my office desk, quarter to one during near break period, with a nagging question that keeps bothering my mind: what is life? LIFE!!! 

Life, undoubtedly, is a characteristic way in which everyone lives.

Dale Carnegie, the American famous writer in 19th century, coined life as saying there are two seasons in every rich man’s life: season to acquire wealth and another season to distribution such wealth.

Isn’t that amazing!

However, nothing could be further from the truth about life from his vantage point.

Life often time consists of struggle by individual to seek physiologically (i.e. clothing, shelter,cars e.t.c.) needs, follows by safety, next is love, esteem, and self-actualization according to Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of needs.

That moment I knew I’ve found my eureka!

Following this path of needs is a clue to what motivates individual.

However, this post isn’t about boring you about nuances of life that is difficult to unravel but brings out facts on which hanged life riddles.

So, facts about living a life of meaning are:

Discovering life inner forces: life is waiting for you, so discover it. What do you find interesting that you feel compelled you can’t keep away from doing. What are those things do you invest your money and time in? They might be a clue your calling in life.

What is that thing that pisses you off mostly that you feel compelled to fix, if given the opportunity?

Life is waiting for you, so discover it.

That’s life facts.

In other words, everyone is hardwired to solve a problem his generation is anxiously waiting for.

Little wonder Mahatma Gandhi said, “ The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problem.”

So, explore yourself by during soul searching: reading several books as much as possible because sometime we do find our calling from pages of books.

According to Steven King, the respected author of horror fiction, found his from reading horror fiction. Also, Malcolm X at one time, found his by reading autobiography of the earlier civil right activist.

Perhaps you’re not cut out for reading books, why not try out other bunch of endeavors like music, games, anything that interest you whatsoever?

According to Mahatma Gandhi, “If you don’t lose yourself you can’t find yourself”

The pyramid drew above might be a rat race for you if you don’t consider your inner compass that is connected to your inner make-up.

However, assuming you’ve found your passion already, congrats!

Feed your passion: Recognize that it is a process for the actualization of such dreams because ‘Rome was not built in a day’ until it begins to show.

Now, what is next is to keep growing it by reading autobiographies of leading successful people in the field and practicing to sharpen your skills.

It’s a Chinese proverb that says, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago and the next time is today”

The meaning is that averagely it takes effective 20 years to mature a product or idea into it becoming a full blown idea that can be recognized by all.

Similarly, your purpose in life is much like a seed you grow and water until it ripen for harvest for at least 20 years.

In other way, much as you know that investment in stock market has to compound for years before you can begin to enjoy the benefit, so is purpose in life.

You’ve got to keep improving until you become master at what you do. Never get discouraged about walking your self up to actualize your dream overnight.

No overnight successful person who never paid their dues through time and waiting behind the scene.

Everyone has to feel that way at one time.

The great Apple founder and innovator once said, “You can only connect the dot by following your own path not some else’s path”

In Conclusion, Steve Job said, “Stay hungry, stay foolish

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